Dating course miracles

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Brad and Cynthia met the summer of 2007 in Los Angeles.But they just missed a potential meeting five years earlier in Santa Fe, New Mexico.Cynthia had moved to Santa Fe from Kansas to study hypnotherapy, and the month she finished her training, Brad moved to Santa Fe from Texas to study film at college.It would be another five years before they would meet in Los Angeles when Brad would come to see her for hypnotherapy.It’s in the discomfort, the breaking apart that freedom is found.It’s where happiness is expanded and our purpose prevails.His father, who was living in Alabama, sent Brad a list of ten alternative therapists he found on the Internet. As soon as Brad saw that Cynthia was a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles, he felt she was the one.Brad came in for a session with Cynthia and they hit it off immediately—not romantically, but professionally and personally.

In fact, that’s one reason we need to experience it – so we can have our unresolved issues revealed to us.I suppose as a young girl my fantasies were similar to many women: I wanted to grow older, be happy, get married and have children.Nowadays, the complexity of adult relating has descended upon my life & I realize it’s not all so simple.You know the kind you’re like holy moly those exist still…in me!I teach on limiting beliefs in relationships and I still have those suckers! It was scary, I wanted to retreat back into my comfort zone but I knew that if I did love would not win. Pure bliss and what I’ve been seeking would have been put on hold again.

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