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You can optimize your images in two ways - by providing an URL of the image you want to optimize or by uploading an image file directly to Kraken API.The first option (image URL) is great for images that are already in production or any other place on the Internet.As images continue to be the largest part of webpage content, it’s critically important for web developers to take aggressive control of their image sizes and quality in order to deliver a fastest loading, responsive site for their users.Hitting this sweet-spot is not free; you can automate a ‘good enough’ value most of the time, but for the best savings, you need to test quality levels using your human eye.In-office testing enables the veterinarian to evaluate a pet's general health and become aware of any health problems at the point of care.The Prep Profile II is ideal for basic health screen for pre-anesthetic evaluation and testing minimal values for baselines of young, healthy patients or recheck profile for some disease states.The Prep Profile II provides important information for renal, hepatic, and diabetic patients being hospitalized, monitored, or undergoing long-term treatment.

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The T4/Cholesterol Profile is ideal for routine screening of hypothyroidism in dogs and diagnostic for hyperthyroidism in cats, titrating and monitoring patients on thyroid hormone replacement therapy or patients being treated for hyperthyroid disease.

Yuls was the best lossless compressor, however it works only with SD VIDEOS. The 4:2:0 (YV12) MSU lossless codec doesn't work in virtualdub.

It's not the compressor that supports the application, it's the application that's supposed to be able to recognize and use external compressors in your system. There have been no big breakthroughs in lossless compression techniques (of anything) since 2002.

There’s an unending body of research that shows that users of slow sites, spend less time on the site, click through less, click fewer ads, and spend less.

Small sites, like Auto Anything, cut their load time in half, and saw revenue grow by 13 percent.

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