Siwon dating

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This will be the last album they will make together as six memebered group.

She may (and I am stressing on the may) have been seeing him before but there's been no physical proof!!!!! I watched the interview Liuwen only tried to direct away attention by joking maybe "炊事員" someone responsible to cook, can treat everyone here a meal, coz "炊事員" in Mandarin sounds like Siwon's name in Chinese. Liuwen has been on Forbe's highest paid model list since 2012-2013 and still remains the only Asian in the New Supers List Supers She's constantly seeking to try out different things so she filmed the show with Siwon. It's unfair for fans and media to make things up speculating, attacking or being jealous over their idols maybe dating somebody.She is an international Super Model, he is a Korean actor and member of a Korean boy band. They have their own merits, don't think they are riding on each other's coat tails.He posted the above Instagram image that says "sorry gorgeous, I'm taken" without a caption.Needless to say fans were left flabbergasted and not the least bit shocked. He posted this tweet, Hold up hold do you know how so pissed off i get when people label siwon a homophobe?? Yes, i knw he did make some comments about not supporting gay marriages bt that was in freaking 2007 aka 8 years back when he was younger and more careless with his words!

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