The accommodating point

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Accommodation is a way of helping your employees work more effectively by overcoming limitations caused by disabilities.

Usually, accommodations are easy to implement, inexpensive (less than 0), and demonstrate a commitment to a healthier, more equitable workplace.

In reality, there is very little difference between those two concepts.

The Ontario Human Rights Commission has published guidelines to the duty to accommodate.

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Accommodations are “reasonable” so long as they don’t impose “” on the employer, and recent Supreme Court of Canada decisions have placed the burden on employers to demonstrate how providing accommodations will cause undue hardship (usually by compromising safety or jeopardizing the organization’s solvency.) Many people with disabilities, psychiatric or otherwise, won’t have functional limitations and so don’t need accommodation.Sometimes a short period of accommodation is all that’s required (for example, setting a flexible schedule for an employee returning to work after an illness).Employees with mental health problems may not have functional limitations, but someone with depression or an anxiety disorder, for example, might find that accommodation helps them to work much more productively, and with fewer health and disability costs.Light rays from an object at infinity entering a non-accommodating myopic eye are converged too strongly and focus in front of the retina. Visual acuity of an uncorrected myope will continue to decrease as objects are located further away from the far point and closer to optical infinity.Conversely, visual acuity is greater for objects located between the far point of the eye and the near point of accommodation.

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