Updating ubuntu without internet

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Thanks, The easiest way would be to just wait for the latest Ubuntu release, download the ISO, and update that way.Ubuntu will recognize the new Ubuntu version as soon as you put the CD in the drive and ask you if you want to update your system to this version.Come on #snappy on freenode, some store guy should be able to give you the exact details on how to retrieve those snaps. Better still, for those who prefer a GUI, you can also use the Update Manager to update your system with a simple click.How do I perform the post-install updates / upgrades (n Vidia Driver, for instance) without Internet access?

There is probably a better way to do it, but somebody with more Ubuntu experience would need to fill in the blanks there.

I can't afford to have an internet connection at home.

Is there any way of figuring out what update I need for my system so that I can download the same onto my USB stick from the office internet connection, take it home and then update my system with the USB stick.

2- It does not check if dependencies were changed with versions, so it may break your system.

If you only get new packages from security-updates, you should be fine, otherwise, use with caution.

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